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 stand up comedian Ward G. Smith

Stand Up Comedy


Ward has been doing cutting edge stand-up since I met him back in the big-haired ‘80s. He brings a true performer's gift to stand-up. He's not reeling off lines.He's pumping bright red blood cells into them. I've never seen him perform matter-of-factly. The biggest question I had back then regarding Ward is the same one I have today-why has he been overlooked for an HBO special? Maybe this new decade will break the curse. Hey, the Red Sox did it.
Ward is also a highly ethical, evolved human being. And he’s available for parties.
~ Rich Herschlag, Author did very well ! I laughed -
Heartily too, several times!!”
~ Marion Skinner

This is a great bit...I think one of your funniest!!”
~ Ric Craig